RCR Education and Training

  The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) has enhanced its program!  The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) program change is being implemented to update, strengthen, and simplify the delivery of the online RCR content.  Research Compliance Services (RCS) has updated and simplified our RCR learner groups and program content to reflect these enhancements. Please see UO Instructions for the list of CITI courses provided through UO and for additional instructions. Please contact RCS at (541) 346-2510 or ResearchCompliance@uoregon.edu if you experience any problems with CITI's new program.

The purpose of the University of Oregon's responsible conduct of research education and training is to promote the practice of scientific integrity.  RCR training is central to the University’s mission to ensure that students and research personnel are prepared with the knowledge and understanding necessary to conduct themselves professionally and with integrity.


At the University of Oregon, departments, schools, and colleges contribute important pieces of RCR education such as classroom based courses that incorporate RCR topics. Research Compliance Services works with faculty and departments on RCR resource material and as needed on the development of appropriate RCR training.

For information or assistance regarding RCR education and training or if you would like RCS to assist in the development of RCR training for your research personnel, please contact Research Compliance Services at (541)346-2510 or researchcompliance@uoregon.edu.


The University of Oregon offers on-line RCR training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) to satisfy some of NSF or NIH’s RCR requirements and as an option for individuals who are otherwise required to complete RCR training. CITI is a web-based training product that was designed by, and is updated and maintained by a number of nationally known IRB professionals and is housed at the University of Miami. RCR CITI training does not satisfy the human subjects education requirement

University of Oregon affiliated research personnel must refresh their CITI training every four years.